Voice Services

SIP Trunking

Much is being said about the power and potential of SIP trunking. However, not all SIP trunking solutions are created equal. It can be delivered over a variety of technologies, and not all of them are optimized or can support the full range of benefits the technology can provide. VoiceStep delivers services over one of the first networks built for VoIP, which means our next-generation voice services are designed to provide service capability for today and tommorow's needs. You get the reliability and features you need to lower costs and unify your communications.

Our SIP Trunking service provides a local, IP connection to PBXs or unified communications platforms for local and long-distance calling with local telephone numbers, calling plans and E-911 services. Our SIP Trunking service allows a business to converge its voice and data networks and simplify a multi-location enterprise to a single connection for all voice needs.

SIP Trunking Service Benefits

  • Lower your voice costs and increase reliability and performance.
  • Simplify your vendor management and billing across all of your locations.
  • Converge your data and voice traffic onto one network, reducing your need for TDM services and simplifying network management and access costs.
  • Share idle capacity across the enterprise to reduce oversubscription on site-specific trunks.
  • Enhance your business continuity plan with specialized features for disaster recovery and mobility.

SIP Trunking Service Details

  • One of the largest local voice footprints in the United States, covering 96 percent of the U.S. population
  • Comprehensive suite of standard features, including local and long-distance calling, toll-free, E-911, operator services, directory assistance, direct inward dialing (DID) numbers and caller ID
  • Superior network reliability and performance with redundancy throughout our infrastructure
  • VoiceStep can also offer you a managed SBC that provides security, interoperability and simplified network management