Toll Free

Looking for a way to grow your business and reinforce your commitment to your customers? Toll Free calling is a valuable service that can make the difference between a call to you — or to your competition. But keeping costs down is crucial to receiving maximum value from your toll-free service investment. With low, flat rates for interstate, intrastate and international calls, our Toll Free service is an ideal solution for your business.

The service enables you to receive high-quality inbound Toll Free calls with competitive usage rates for call centers, corporate offices and other businesses that need Toll Free traffic from a highly reliable network provider.

Toll Free Service Benefits

  • Our enhanced routing provisioning empowers you to establish and manage routing of toll-free services based on your operational and business needs
  • Realize significant cost savings by connecting to our expansive, long-distance network
  • Connect with superior reliability and performance through our Tier 1 network infrastructure
  • Gain value and control with full-featured routing and call-handling features.
  • Prepare for tomorrow’s migration, while getting the services you need today

Toll Free Service Details

  • U.S./Canada and global coverage
  • Real-time ANI delivery: Receive the calling party’s caller identification
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • Origin-of-Call Blocking: Restrict calls by state, LATA, NPA or NPA-NXX
  • Origin-of-Call, Time-Dependent, and Extension Routing